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Sony ULT Field 1 Portable Wireless Speaker SRSULT10

1yr warranty

Sony ULT Field 1 Portable Wireless Speaker SRSULT10

Powerful Bass
12hr Battery

Play Loud, Pack Light

Drawing on decades of Sony audio expertise, the ULT FIELD 1 delivers powerful sound with impressive bass and exceptional detail, even at max volume. All this, from an incredibly small and highly compact design.

Hit The Button. Feel The Bass

Push the ULT button, to experience the true power of the ULT FIELD 1. The bass is boosted and the sound pressure is increased, producing a stunning ULT POWER SOUND experience. Perfect for bassline obsessives.

Anywhere, Any Weather 

No need to worry about the ULT FIELD 1 if the weather turns and it gets wet. It’s IP67 rated, which means, waterproof. And as it’s dustproof and salt water resistant as well, you can enjoy music on the beach without worrying about the sea water or sand damaging the speaker.

Protected from the Unexpected

The ULT FIELD 1 is shockproof, making it one of the most durable speakers available. Having undergone extensive shock testing to ensure it can withstand the inevitable knocks, bumps, and scrapes that come with everyday use, this portable speaker is perfect for anyone who just wants to enjoy their music and not worry if the speaker takes a hit.

Grab and Go

Weighing less than 0.7kg and only measuring around 20cm long, the ULT FIELD 1 will fit in almost any bag. It also has an adjustable carry strap, so it’s easy to carry or hang up. Conveniently, it’s designed to work both horizontally and vertically, so even when there’s not much space for the speaker, you still get the best sound experience. 

All-day Battery

This Bluetooth speaker has a fantastic battery life. It can keep the playlist going for up to 12 hours before needing to recharge, so you can enjoy music all day or night long.

Crystal-clear Calls

As well as listening to music, you can use the ULT FIELD 1 as a speaker phone to make hands-free calls. It even includes Echo Cancelling technology, which means two people can talk at the same time without cutting each other off. 

Quick, Easy Pairing

It’s easy to pair to the ULT FIELD 1 with Bluetooth, but if using an Android phone, it’s quicker and simpler than ever before.

Fast Pair allows you to connect with an Android device by tapping on the pop-up screen that automatically appears on your Android device when you put the Bluetooth speaker into pair mode. Perfect if friends want to quickly connect to share their music. 

If you, or someone you know, has a second ULT FIELD 1 speaker, using the Stereo Pair feature, you can pair them both together to work as one single sound system, meaning one speaker works as the left channel, and the other as the right. 


Size /  Weight
Dimensions (W x H x D) 206x77x76 mm

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