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Sonos Boost extra strong bridge for the Sonos network

3yr warranty

The Sonos BOOST is effectively an extra strong version of the Sonos BRIDGE. It fulfills the same basic functions as the BRIDGE but thanks to a ramped up transmitter and reciever it sends out a much stronger wireless signal capable of transmitting even further.

This means it's a better choice than the BRIDGE if you are looking to boost a Sonos wireless network (as suggested by the name!) and it provides a more dedicated method of setting up a Sonos wireless home theatre system, but it is by no means a requirement. For the majority of standard home installations in modern homes a BRIDGE will be absolutely fine, and of course if you are hard wiring Sonos then you might not need either a BRIDGE or a BOOST.

The BOOST is about twice the price of the BRIDGE so we don't recommend taking this option unless you either already know you have wireless issues or you are concerned you might have (for example you have very thick walls or already have interference on your own wireless network).

Have a read up on the Sonos BRIDGE to find out the basic features, but if you are at all unsure as to whether it's worth upgrading to the BOOST then get in touch - our experts can help advise  are here to help so get in touch and we'll help you set up the perfect Sonos system for you.

Wall mount your BOOST

Thanks to the small size and the addition of a keyhole on the bottom of the BOOST it's pretty easy to wall mount it if you want to keep it safe and out of the way. You'll need to provide a screw or bolt with a head size that will fit the keyhole, but once fitted it's easy to hang the BOOST on your wall.

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