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Pro-Ject Power Box S3 Phono

1yr warranty

Pro-Ject Power Box S3 Phono

Compatible with all 18V Phono Boxes
Ultra Stable and clean power
Rigid aluminium protects against interference

Power Box S3

Power Box S3 Phono is a very efficient and flexible power filter for your turntable and phono preamp. By placing the power supply outside of the main component, potential noise and audio signal contamination is avoided. Clean energy contributes significantly to the sound quality.

Its two outputs are specifically engineered to power Pro- Ject turntables and phono preamps. The sophisticated DC filtration can have a dramatic impact on the sound quality. In addition to the sound improvements, Power Box S3 Phono also offers its users a cleaner cable soluti- on avoiding PSU and cable mess.

The new Power Box Phono S3 is carefully designed and handmade in Europe. We aim to develop a technically flawless device in a housing that is only as big as necessary to save raw materials. Due to the timeless design & rigid aluminium casework, the Power Box Phono S3 is built for eternity.

With high-quality materials and components and well-thought-out design, we want to pioneer the industry.

Recommended prodcts for use with the Power Box S3 Phono
Phono Boxes

A/D Phono Box S
AD Box S2 Phono
Optical Box E Phono
Phono Box
Phono Box DS / DS+
Phono Box DS2
Phono Box DS3 B
Phono Box DS2 USB
Phono Box E
Phono Box E BT / BT5
Phono Box MM
Phono Box S
Phono Box S2
Phono Box S3 B
Phono Box S2 Ultra
Phono Box Ultra 500
Phono Box USB
Phono Box USB V
Tube Box S2
Tube Box DS2

DC Turntables

Automat Line E
Line Elemental Line
Primary Line
T Line
Essential Line
Debut Line
The Classic Line
RPM Line*
X Line*
S-Shape Special Editions
Artist Collection

ATTENTION: NOT SUITABLE for the following turntables: X8, Xtension 9, Xtension 10, Xtension 12, RPM 5, RPM 9, RPM 10. For these turntables we recommend the Power Box RS2 Phono or Power Box RS Uni TT. This list is correct as of 31st January 2023.

*Product description, details and specification subject to change. Please check the manufacturer's website for the most recent information. Errors and omissions excepted.