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Dali Opticon LCR MK2

5yr warranty

Dali Opticon LCR MK2

With airy high-frequencies, expressive midrange and surprisingly extended bass, the OPTICON LCR MK2 is an on-wall speaker that delivers genuine stereo and surround sound hi-fi performance.

Perfect as a wall-mounted surround speaker

The OPTICON LCR MK2 incorporates all the best technologies from the MK2 series in a low-profile, wall-mounted enclosure, that can serve as both left, centre, or right speakers – hence the name LCR. The OPTICON LCR MK2 will indeed also serve perfectly as a wall-mounted surround speaker. No matter the application, from conventional stereo to multi-channel home theatre, the OPTICON LCR MK2 delivers genuine hi-fi performance with impressive high-frequencies, an expressive midrange, and surprisingly extended bass.

Soft Magnetic Compound

The OPTICON LCR MK2 driver magnet system consists of a large ferrite ring magnet surrounding a pole piece manufactured entirely of the unique DALI SMC material. DALI SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) is a coated magnet granular material that can be formed to almost any desired shape and has many advantages used in driver magnet systems. SMC’s unusual combination of very high magnetic permeability and very low electrical conductivity is exactly what is required for driver magnet systems and results in a significant reduction of electro-acoustic distortion.

Keeping high-frequency horizontal dispersion wide

The OPTICON LCR MK2 employs a new hybrid tweeter design that marries the 29 mm soft dome tweeter with a custom 17 x 45 mm ribbon. Both are mounted on a cast aluminium faceplate, which incorporates dispersion control detailing. The ribbon element begins to contribute from 10kHz upwards; just as the response of the soft-dome element is beginning slowly to fall away and become more directional. The new hybrid tweeter offers the best of both worlds – the clarity, speed and dynamics of a dome tweeter, with the very high-frequency detail and smooth finesse of a ribbon tweeter.

Low-loss, low distortion and low colouration

Every component of the two 6½" MK2 drivers are carefully designed for their positive contribution towards ideal performance. The diaphragms are made from a mix of paper and wood fibre that ensures minimal break-up resonance and gives the diaphragms their distinctive DALI trademark colour. The drivers were designed with a focus on the DALI audio principles of low-loss, low distortion and low colouration. The ideal driver plays only what the amplifier requires, with nothing added and nothing subtracted, and at DALI we strive to design and manufacture drivers that approach the ideal as closely as possible.

Designed to optimise rigidity and minimise panel resonance

The enclosure of the OPTICON LCR MK2 is designed to optimise rigidity and minimise panel resonance. The 25mm thick front baffle provides massively rigid foundations for the drivers. The manufacturing of the OPTICON MK2 series has been retained firmly at the DALI factory in Denmark. Our in-house woodworking facility handles everything from cutting and routing the MDF panels to the driver and crossover installation. The final test and quality approval on each and every speaker is also handled on our own assembly lines.

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