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Bowers & Wilkins M-1 MkII satellite speaker (Single)

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Bowers & Wilkins M-1 MkII satellite speaker (Single)

The B&W M-1 speakers are curiously small yet they form the vital backbone of two of the UK's biggest and best home cinema packages. As part of Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre range they are in fact the only speakers within the range. The rest of the range comprises of packs using these speakers.

This listing is for the individual speakers. You can also however purchase 5 of them in a pack or as complete cinema packages in the guise of the award winning MT-50 or MT-60D packages. However you choose to use them you will find you have purchased some of the finest little speakers on the market.

Classed as satellite speakers, these small speakers should be partnered with a subwoofer to get the most from them although we have had customers use them on their own with mini stereo systems on at least four or five occasions. Versatile on both music and movies, they are however mainly found as part of a cinema package. You can purchase them singularly to act as a centre (whether front or rear) or perhaps as a pair to create a 7.1 system or to use with a stereo amplifier.

Each speaker can be configured to suit your needs. The speaker comes with a choice of a table top stand or a wall bracket, or you can purchase the optional FS-M1 stands if you wish to place them on the floor. Whichever you use, the clever design of the speakers enable you to plug your speaker cables into the stand and not the speaker itself (keeping cabling hidden). The speaker attaches to whichever base you use via a ball and socket joint that also carries the sound to the speaker.

You can configure the speaker on the base in a variety of ways. If you are using the table top stand, you can position the speaker horizontally or vertically and can also move it up, down, left and right to get the speaker positioned just right. Similarly you can do the same with the wall bracket, allowing you to position the speaker perfectly.

The speakers on the stands can only be positioned vertically but this creates a very clean look.

Once connected to your receiver or stereo amplifier you can start enjoying their sound - and they are great. We love them on music where they sound smooth and detailed, but they also reveal a surprising depth on home cinema too.

We highly recommend these little powerhouses.

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