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Bowers & Wilkins ASW610XP subwoofer

2yr warranty

The Bowers & Wilkins ASW610XP lies at the top of B&W's standard subwoofer range and combines high power with a 10 inch drive unit in order to fill your room with ease. Pressuring your room correctly with a subwoofer is the key to accurate, detailed and controlled bass and this subwoofer finds that job easy.

As a result you'll find levels of detail you wouldnt have expected. Indeed using a high quality subwoofer can be a revelation, especially if you've been used to lower quality subwoofers that blare out noise as opposed to controlling and providing true depths of bass. This subwoofer really does reveal a lot.

Partner it with a good quality stereo speaker or as part of a home cinema set up and you'll be enjoying music and movies equally. We like this subwoofer a lot and we are sure you will too.

Is there better out there? Well yes, but you'd have to look above £1000 to get a true jump up in quality. Indeed, Bowers & Wilkins own PV1D subwoofer is a strong contender to this subwoofer, but is almost twice the value. Why not speak to one of our experts if you'd like advice on your own particular system?

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