LG 75SM9900 75" 8K TV

5yr warranty
Pure Colours in Real 8K

LG NanoCell technology reproduces pure colour by applying about 1 nm nanoparticles. Now in 8K resolution, NanoCell TV delivers incredible picture quality with improved colour purity.

International Standard Real 8K, NanoCell 8K TV

To achieve and enjoy real 8K resolution, you need the correct number of pixels – plus they must be clear. NanoCell 8K meets international standards, achieving a new level of detail, colour, and contrast.

Why Real 8K?

8K offers 33 million pixels (7680X4320) - the more pixels, the higher the density. So to get the sense of realism from 8K, what's important is making each pixel appear separate and distinct to the eyes, not the actual number of pixels. That's what LG NanoCell 8K presents - the 'Real 8K'.

Real 8K Satisfies International Standards

The distinction between each pixel decides how much detail is delivered. The optimal measurement for this is Contrast Modulation (CM). The higher the CM, the more precise pixels are for higher picture quality. According to ISO, 8K resolution must have a CM higher than 25%. NanoCell TV has 88% of CM and it delivers real 8K resolution.

Refined Colour Purity

NanoCell Technology filters out dull colours to enhance the purity of the RGB spectrum. Nano Color delivers a realistic 8K visual experience with more vivid and accurate colours.

Incredible Detail in Real 8K

Sophisticated local dimming technology optimised for 8K allows NanoCell TV to precisely control the LED backlighting for deeper blacks, greater contrast, and enhanced detail.

Spectacular Reality in 8K from Wide Viewing Angle

The larger the screen size, the more important the viewing angle. With NanoCell TV you can enjoy the same vivid colours and contrast no matter where you sit in the room.

Colours Stay Accurate with NanoCell 8K

Unlike conventional TVs that distort colours when a picture is viewed from the side, LG NanoCell 8K TV precisely preserves colour from both the side and the front viewing angles even with a large screen size.

The Edge of 8K Reality

NanoCell TV seamlessly integrates into your space, even with its generously sized screen. Its sleek Nano Bezel diminishes the boundary between reality and TV.

α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor 8K

The AI algorithm analyses the image quality of content to optimise the resolution for 8K. Enjoy improved clarity, sharpness, detail, and contrast with everything you watch.

8K Upscaling with α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor

Effective upscaling through the processor transforms 2K or 4K content into the most life-like 8K picture by enhancing detail and definition.

Cinema HDR & Dolby Vision

NanoCell TV allows you to enjoy all of your content in lifelike high definition with support for major HDR formats Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HLG, and HDR10.

Cinema HDR

NanoCell TV allows you to enjoy all of your content in lifelike high definition with support for major HDR formats Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HLG and HDR10.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos transports you from the ordinary to the extraordinary with breathtaking realism. Sound moves all around you in three-dimensional space, making you feel like you're part of the action.

Gallery Mode Adds A Touch of Class to Your Life

Gallery Mode brings world-famous travel attractions updated seasonally by TripAdvisor.

AI Smart. Live in wonder with New Intelligence

LG AI TV expands your AI experience with both the Google Assistant and Alexa*. Get answers to questions and control smart home appliances all through the power of your voice.

Auto Calibration. True to Expert Standard.

Ready-to-use CalMAN® auto-calibration makes adjustments to the colour performance. It efficiently maintains consistent, accurate colour.


*Product description, details and specification subject to change. Please check the manufacturer's website for the most recent information. Errors and omissions excepted.