LG SL6Y Bluetooth Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer

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Immersive Sound, DTS Virtual:X

LG Sound Bar SL6Y with DTS Virtual:X technology delivers an immersive sound. Utilising three front speakers and a subwoofer, DTS technology creates a more immersive experience with sound that surrounds you.

High Resolution Audio

High Resolution Audio delivers 96kHz sampling rates and 24bit depth, both of which can contribute to more accurate sound, and a more enjoyable listening experience.

Connect and Upgrade to Surround

Upgrade your existing LG Sound Bar SL6Y easily with the optional SPK8-S. The wireless rear speaker adds two audio channels to boost your system’s power by 140 watts. Enjoy an elevated, powerful surround sound experience.
*Rear speakers are wired to the included wireless receiver but is not shown in the image.

Versatile Connectivity

LG Sound Bar SL6Y has various inputs and convenient options such as HDMI, Optical and Bluetooth®.

Bluetooth, Stream Anything

Streaming music directly via Bluetooth® from your smartphone to LG Sound Bar SL6Y.

TV Sound Sync

LG Sound Bar SL6Y can be simply connected to your LG TV via Bluetooth® and optical. Enjoy more plentiful TV sound with a simple connection.

*Product description, details and specification subject to change. Please check the manufacturer's website for the most recent information. Errors and omissions excepted.