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Denon DP-200USB Turntable

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We do love ease of use here at Spatial. With the Denon DP-200USB you get a very easy turntable to use, but with the addition of that recordable USB port it turns it into one of the most useful products on the market.

Why? Well simply put you can turn your records digital, giving you literally every option you want to listen to your records. Whether you want to listen on your computer, your phone or in your car - once in digital format the possibilities are endless.

Not only that but its easy. This record deck is fully automated so it will find the right place to start and stop on your record. It will also detect when your tracks start and stop so it can record each track into its own MP3 file. Once recorded, plus in the USB wherever you want to - whether it be your computer or a digital music player.

Key points

    • Easily store your record library onto USB memory: Simply insert your USB memory stick into the USB port on the front, press the Start and Record buttons, and the DP-200USB converts your record into digital files. You don't need to have a PC nearby. When you insert the USB memory stick into a DENON S-52DAB or RCD-M37DAB, you can enjoy the music files in the high-quality sound that Denon audio products are renowned for. You can also record the music to a USB player that supports MP3 files and enjoy listening to the music directly from the player.
    • Includes Trans Music Manager, to obtain track numbers and information: The DP-200USB comes with Trans Music Manager (on CD-ROM) that detects the silent spaces between tracks to automatically split track numbers. You can also use a PC to access the Gracenote® music ID server and obtain track information.
    • Built-in Phono Equalizer: The DP-200USB’s built-in Phono Equalizer lets you enjoy the music on a mini audio system or radio cassette player that does not have a PHONO jack. (The Phono Equalizer can be switched on or off.)
    • Fully automatic player: When you select the 30cm (12"") or 17cm (7"") record size, the arm automatically moves to the correct position for playing the record, and after it’s finished, the arm automatically returns to its original position. This automatic system makes it easy to play records on the DP-200USB.
    • Aluminium diecast turntable: The DP-200USB has an aluminium diecast turntable for high inertial mass and stable rotation.
    • Includes MM cartridge
    • Trans Music Manager functions: Auto MP3 Splitter: Detects silent part between tracks and automatically tags tracks / Manual MP3 Splitter: Manually tags tracks as you wish / Auto Music ID Record: automatically enables to record music information including titles / Manual MusicID Record: manually enables to record music information including titles / Required System OS; Microsoft® Windows® Vista/XP/2000 / Language: ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH

Also known as: DP200USB P200USB

*Product description, details and specification subject to change. Please check the manufacturer's website for the most recent information. Errors and omissions excepted.