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B&W DS3 dipole surround speaker

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Bowers & Wilkins have a long history of producing some of the finest speakers in the world. In recent years they have diverged into home theatre with great success, but they still produce some classic stereo speakers too. All their modern stereo speaker ranges have been designed to work within a home theatre system too, so whatever your need you should find a speaker to suit.

The B&W DS3 is part of the 600 Series, Bowers & Wilkins entry level range of stereo speakers. This range comprises of a choice of different floorstanding and stand mount speakers as well as a centre and a choice of three different theatre systems that can be constructed from speakers within the series.

These speakers are specifically built for home theatre use. In fact, we think these are an essential component of many 5.1 systems, and of all 7.1 systems. However, dipole speakers are often overlooked as their importance may not be realised.

Side surround speakers should not be forward firing, instead they should disperse sound in a roughly 180 degree angle, creating a field effect as opposed to a focussed effect. Dipole speakers do just this, and generate a surround field that will immensely improve sound.

If your speakers are located at the rear side of the room then dipoles are perfect. If your speakers are to be located behind your seating position then rears are more suitable.

Have a chat to one of our experts if you'd like some help in deciding which speakers are best for your room.

*Product description, details and specification subject to change. Please check the manufacturer's website for the most recent information. Errors and omissions excepted.